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Art in the Chapel

Denise’s Art in the Chapel group meet every week enjoying the stimulation and encouragement that comes from working alongside friends who share their passion for painting. During the year students experiment with different media and explore and develop different starting points, each bringing their own personal interpretation and creativity to the final piece.

During "Lockdown" 2020 the Hawthorne gallery was created to showcase work in the absence of real exhibitions and access to galleries.

Denise Hawthorne

Denise taught Art and Design for many years both in schools and in further education. Since retiring she had spent more time travelling and painting in her chapel studio in Welton, near Lincoln. Denise is a member of the Lincolnshire Artists Association and exhibits throughout the county.

Margaret Bird

Margaret wanted to learn to learn how to paint like a grown-up after many years of teaching young children. Starting with watercolours, she now works mainly in acrylics and has just started exploring oil and cold wax. She has a keen interest in landscape, its history, geology and the ways humans have impacted upon it.

Brenda Wilkinson

]My Inspiration for a painting comes mostly from the Lincolnshire landscape; its shapes, structures and colours, the impression being between expressive realism and abstract.
I use acrylics, oils and cold wax and occasionally add collage of paper, fabric, and little treasures of twigs, leaves, shells retrieved from sketching expeditions.
The reasoning behind my art is the total absorption into oneself unaware of anything outside.

Jo Owens

As a youngster JO was never without a sketchbook in hand, until life took over.
After an absence of nearly 40 years all that changed: she attended an art workshop where she was allowed to just play with paint and then joined a regular art class taking pleasure in exploring new techniques and mediums.
exploring where the paint will take her.

Hilary Farley

Hilary has always enjoyed art in all its forms from a very early age. She has attended a graphic design course and numerous classes. Her love of gardening and garden design inform her work.
Textiles play an important part in her life and she is programme secretary for the Embroiderers Guild with 65 keen members.

Sheila Burkitt

Sheila has been painting for approximately 12 years. She began with water colours and progressed to work with acrylic paint, which she finds more versatile. She has always admired fabric artwork and enjoys the process of working with beautiful fabrics.

Rachel Ashworth-Jerem

Rachel is a Professional Theatre Director and Choreographer by trade. Over many years of working in the Theatre, Rachel experience has included costume, set and lighting design. Bringing these skills together and adding paint, Rachel loves to create canvases with both colour and texture. Her source of inspiration is Lincoln and the surrounding area, she particularly enjoys working with a palette knife.

Allan Davison

Allan discovered the ability to draw and paint relatively recently. He enjoys exploring different ways of expressing himself in different media and learning new skills and ways of expressing his creativity.
Karen discovered her love of painting fairly recently after her daughter took her to a life drawing class in Brighton. After experimenting with different mediums she is currently working with acrylics and pastels and her work is influenced by nature and the landscape.

Whizz Collis

Whizz moved to Lincolnshire two years ago and is enjoying painting in her retirement.